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SE•R•O GROWTH turns buisness challenges into avenues for growth

Introduction to SERO GROWTH

Introducing SE•R•O GROWTH

SERO Growth is a strategic growth consulting firm. Our business model is based on formulating with your senior management team the right strategic plan which aligns each department clearing the path for real growth. We believe in working closely with your Sales leadership to establish the right goals, key performance indicators and execute the plan.

Interesting fact about our name any why we chose it. Sero is Latin for serum - we are offering the cure for what (ails) prevents companies from real growth - a need for a comprehensive strategic growth plan.


The S and E in our company name also represents our two key pillars - offering both strategy and execution - the real path to hit your desired revenue targets.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker (Management Consultant, Educator and Author)

David Solomon - SERO GROWTH Founder

David Solomon, MBA


​David has been a proficient catalyst for business growth, blending his corporate management skills with expertise in business development for over three decades. Throughout this extensive period, he has consistently achieved remarkable success, fostering regular annual sales growth for small and medium-sized businesses.

His achievements include expanding revenues and venturing into untapped markets for companies involved in manufacturing, advertising, and technology sectors. By harmoniously collaborating with management and ownership, David has effectively devised and successfully implemented go-to-market strategies and real growth plans. 

He holds an MBA from McGill University and a BA from Western University. He is also a Lecturer at McGill University teaching MBA students.

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